Get A Unique Guitar Tone New Ways of Tuning - Looking at your sound, the other way around.

Glossary of Guitar Solos Improvisation Techniques - If you are thinking of playing solo then you need to concentrate on the different guitar improvisation techniques.

What Are Guitar Chord Inversions Tips for Playing Rhythm Guitar - Chord inversions use diatonic chords and are important for playing lead guitar.

Which File Sharing Program Should You Choose - There are a number of reasons you should look for when choosing a p2p or file share program.

Some Dislikes About Going To Boot Camp - This article is about what most soldiers dislike about going to boot camp.

The Secret to Blending Spring Trends Into Your Personal Style - Spring 2007 is upon us with some wonderful trends.

Perpetrators Stuff Chihuahua in Freezer Urinate on Clothes Article Brings Back Memories - When will society wake up to the fact that the effects of crimes on the victim and their circle of influence are much worse, certainly longer lasting, than the crimes themselves?.

Things You Should Know About Accessorizing - The 5 key things every woman needs to know about accessorizing.

Buying groomsmen gifts who knew it could be so difficult - This article details the rocky and dangerous waters that need to be navigated when buying groomsmen gifts.

Fun Wedding Favor Ideas - One thing you most likely want from your wedding favors is that they are not only practical but fun too.

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