Things You Should Know About Accessorizing

You can create any number of unique outfits simply by using a variety of accessories. Add a colorful necklace to draw attention to your neckline. Wear a brooch to add interest in a unique and unusual place.

Pull a long necklace through your belt loops to serve as a belt. Tie your hair back into a chic ponytail and let gorgeous earrings bring attention to your face. Add a unique bracelet to show off your delicate wrists.

Throw a classic handbag over your shoulder to emphasize a slim waistline. You can customize any look with fashion accessories. I once read somewhere: Be wise ? accessorize. I totally agree! Why do I love accessorizing so much? Accessories can take your personal style up another notch and create a whole new look out of the same piece of clothing. You can stick with a few key pieces in your wardrobe and then create look after look with different accessories.

Accessories also have the power to bring attention to your strong points via colors, shapes and unique designs. They help you individualize your own personal style. So, here are the 5 key things you need to know about accessorizing: 1. It's okay to mix silver and gold. ? Keep in mind that only one element of mixing silver and gold should be integrated within your outfit. Decide on whether this is your shoes and handbag or your fashion jewelry.

2. Focus on one key accessory, such as a necklace or handbag, and keep the other accessories light. ? KISS Principle applies! 3. Stay within a certain color family when accessorizing. ? Combining green and red should maybe just be reserved for Christmas? 4.

Your handbag color and shoe color can be different colors. ? Who has the time to switch handbags every morning?! 5. Most importantly ? keep it simple, chic and feminine. ? The emphasis should still remain on you! As with clothing, I recommend that you invest in some quality fashion jewelry pieces and leather handbags. Fine quality fashion jewelry pieces and high-quality leather handbags remain with you for a long time. Therefore, make sure that they are unique and represent your individuality.

Our goal is to let you shine your beauty! Your accessories should be a reflection your own personal style and complement your look. Keep in mind that the 5 key things about accessorizing outlined above are not set rules. Fashion accessories are meant to add an element of flair and fun to your style! So, don't forget: be wise and accessorize. Copyright (c) 2007 MMC Lifestyles, LLC, dba MMC Style.

Marion Chamberlain is founder of MMC Style ( ), an Internet store for European fashion accessories sourced from unique and highly-talented small design shops in Europe. The online store offers high-quality European fashion jewelry and leather handbags to those women who want to be unique. MMC Style ( ) European fashion accessories are truly unique and can't be found in department or chain stores.

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