Fun Wedding Favor Ideas

Have you started looking around for your wedding favors yet? The selection can be overwhelming. There are wedding favors available for every theme, idea, location and personal taste. One thing you most likely want from your wedding favors is that they are not only practical but fun too. You want your guests to really be glad they've received this memento from you to remember your wedding day and how special it was for not only you ' but for them too. The best way to guarantee your guests will look back fondly on your wedding day is to give them a fun, but practical wedding favor. Think of practical wedding favors as items that may be used in your guest's houses as the occasion arises.

A few great examples of practical wedding favors are bottle stoppers, measuring spoons, coffee scoops and candles. Now, let's add the fun factor to these same practical favors. If you're having a beach themed wedding, beach ball wedding favors are sure to bring a smile to the faces of your guests. Imagine how cute those little beach balls will look perched on top wine bottles at this summers picnics and barbecues. Ice cream scoops are fun just as they are.

What could be more fun than a scoop of your favorite ice cream any day of the year? Having the ice cream scoop in the shape of a heart adds even more fun factor to this particular favor. What about the coffee drinkers of the world? Are you a Starbucks fanatic? Then for your wedding favor you may want to choose a cute coffee scoop that may be used with either an Espresso Machine or coffee pot. This coffee favor is sure to be used just about daily in your guest's homes. Coffee, not quite your thing but tea is? An adorable little tea infuser in the shape of a heart would be the perfect fun favor for your wedding. Luggage tags are the perfect fun wedding favor idea. Just looking at a luggage tag allows you to daydream of that perfect vacation.

Although your guests may not see this particular fun favor everyday like they would a coffee scoop, you can be sure they will put this cute little luggage tag favor right on their suitcase for future vacations and adventures. Candle wedding favors are at the top of the list for fun. Think of the many wonderful candle themes available for your wedding. Having a nautical themed wedding in the Northeast? Choose a sailboat candle as your party favor. How about a Hawaiian Luau wedding reception? Then the flip flop candle favor is the fun choice for you.

Are you the princess of the ball at your wedding reception? There are many fun, fairytale party favors you should take a look at. How about a carriage candle favor that will remind your guests of the magical time they had with you on your wedding day. Another fun option for a fairytale wedding could be a teacup candle favor that is so adorable your guests will want to display it in their homes. If you keep fun in mind when selecting your wedding favors, you are sure to choose a favor that your guests will love to take home with them.

Happy Favor Hunting.

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