The Secret to Blending Spring Trends Into Your Personal Style

Spring 2007 is upon us with some wonderful trends! Feminine, bold and chic is the name of the game this season. MMC Style would like to share some of its favorites with you to help you adorn your unique essence. Clothing Trend: Bold Colors.

There's a bold rush on saturated shades that stand alone. Fashion Accessory Trend: Add a bold colored accessory a monochrome outfit. Try sculpted resins in smooth but bold designs. Clothing Trend: Light Layers.

Tulle and chiffon make a divine topper for a tailored base. Fashion Accessory Trend: Layered necklaces can be the thing that adds more spirit to your outfit. Clothing Trend: Black & White.

Eye-popping prints go high-contrast. Fashion Accessory Trend: Select a chunkier piece of jewelry to emphasize the contrast colors. Clothing Trend: Sporty. Outfits expressing your commitment to fitness without the sweat. Fashion Accessory Trend: Throw a laid-back classy hobo, over your shoulder to show off your strong shoulders. There will be plenty of room for all of your daily essentials.

Clothing Trend: Asymmetrical Cuts. Add an interesting angle to your wardrobe with irregular cuts. Fashion Accessory Trend: Let an asymmetrical bangle dangle on your wrist! Carry a crescent shaped handbag. Think outside the box! Clothing Trend: Metallic. Reflect the rising mercury with day-to-night metallics.

Fashion Accessory Trend: Know that only one element of metallics should be integrated within your outfit. Decide on whether this should be your shoes, wardrobe or one of your accessories. Brass earrings might be all it takes! Clothing Trend: Florals. Flowers are popping up all over. Fashion Accessory Trend: What marks the arrival of Spring? Flowers! So, don't be remiss in adding pizzazz to your wardrobe by not including these bloomers.

A beautiful flower brooch is a great Spring Fling for any top. Clothing Trend: Feminine & Frilly. Feminine flounces add charm to a workday staple. Fashion Accessory Trend: How nice to show off who you really are in the inside by tying an unusual taffeta band necklace around your neck. Or how about a beautiful candy charm necklace? Clothing Trend: Short-Sleeve and Short Dresses.

Bare legs and arms are exhibited in these fresh styles. Fashion Accessory Trend: Carry a thin and longer shoulder bag that tucks under the arm flatter or wear a longer necklace. The emphasis is more on you and your skin versus overly accessorizing. Clothing Trend: His Vests. A menswear staple is resuscitated from the death of the three-piece suit.

Fashion Accessory Trend: Soften the masculinity. Wear an ultra feminine choker or a Murano Glass heart necklace to show off your softness and strength. Have fun with playing with integrating some of the Spring 2007 fashion trends into your wardrobe. Most importantly though, let it be a time for you to evaluate what positive changes you can integrate into your style. Copyright (c) 2007 Marion Chamberlain.

MMC Style ( ) is an Internet store for fashion accessories sourced from unique and highly-talented small design shops in Europe. Our online store offers high-quality European fashion jewelry and leather handbags to those women who want to be unique. You won't find MMC Style ( ) fashion accessories in your department or chain stores. Is your uniqueness reflected in your personal style?

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