Some Dislikes About Going To Boot Camp

A soldiers story about boot camp: "I was there through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. Great Lakes are a very inhospitable place between October and April. On the worst days, our Uniform of the Day was anything we could fit under our rain coats, scarf, ski mask, and watch cap.

We looked like clumsy bank robbers marching down the street. Over all I actually had a lot of fun though. Don't get me wrong, I was glad to be out of that place too, but all in all, I have mostly good memories.

It was not being able to keep up with the news around the world." "At the time I was going thru, we were on the verge of WW III with all the stuff that was going on with Hamas, and then the bomb scare that shut down all the airports.other than that, it was the best vacation I have had in years. Although most people would say that being on laundry detail sucks, but that was my sanctuary, I always was in there cleaning and studying.I think that room and job helped me keep my sanity from all the "younglings" that were in my Div. I missed reading the daily paper (read comics).

All those little things you took for granted in your own little at home world went away and you got homogenized." "Now maybe someone will say there's a difference in when I went through and Jomac, and that is very true, but the feelings and experiences were the same. Today it's just condensed from the 13 weeks I was there. The actual worst part was graduation day but not for what you think.

BTW OP, DH told me that the thing that sucked the worst for him was not being able to talk to me.but not only am I his wife and best friend, he's pretty whipped (but he likes it. He may have other insight to tell you though." "We knew going in and it was confirmed about 10 minutes after we entered the hall. We marched in and marched out and that was the graduation ceremony. I've always felt like I missed something by not having the regular ceremony but by the same token that was a part of history that affected the world.

I missed drinking coffee all day. Other than that, was a pretty good time! I'm just too easy going for my own good, that's really all it is. There were certain parts of training I really enjoyed, and all the rest I've just simply forgotten about. It was all a lot easier than I expected. I honestly have more bad memories of "A" school than I do of boot camp." "Honestly I enjoyed all my time at RTC and my "A" school in San Antonio.

best 5 month vacation I have ever had.of course I think the fact that I was older than most of the people going through played a big factor too! (Especially at "A" school when I could go at and enjoy the "night life" at the bars.) they might ask for volunteers or assign it to someone.

I spent pretty much 2-3 hours a day in there, mainly cleaning, its a big deal come inspection time.and my wife hates the fact i did that, b/c i am real anal now about the way my washer and dryer looks now.I go and inspect it daily when she does laundry.

I really liked it, aside from the fact that no one in my div knew what toilette paper was!" "I take it back about the only thing sucking was the not being in the know how about daily things in the world and what was going on.the thing that probably sucked the most, was both times at uniform issue. Have a really old ugly (but sweet!) lady tug at my crotch and ask if that too snug.I was like umm no that nice (while thinking to myself, I am not going any snugger or she will not be tugging at the fabric. then I realized I was getting fondled by this old lady.) so its not true that you get no action at boot camp.

the old ladies fondle ya at least twice, maybe more if you have to keep changing.".

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