Online Poker games for safety NOT fun

Online poker and free online poker had been one of the Internet's hottest games since 2001. There has been some great sterotype advise when ask about "what is important when you decide to play online poker". Choosing an online poker room should not be taken likely and when you've made your choice do not move around.

Here's three basic answer I receive from people I ask about: "What is important about picking an online poker site". Basicly I recieve several answers but what was in common with most people was these three opinion about the security of their online poker rooms. 1.

If you play online poker game make sure that random number generators are used to ensure total game integrity. 3. Play online poker only if 128-bit SSL technology is used to secure and protect the privacy of the players. You do not want to get ripped off from these fly by night websites that spring up just to grab your money and gone the next day. 3. Make sure that they provide statistical analysis tools combine with expert vigilance to provide the most effective shield against player collusion.

I do feel that these response are all legitimate concerns when you choose to play online poker but there is much needed light to be shine on the over all picture of online poker that should be associated with your choice in choosing a poker site. First of all , choose an established and trusted online poker site. This is the most important step in ensuring a safe and worry-free online poker experience. Potential players should consider things like site encryption, anti-collusion measures, shuffling-integrity and deposit information when trying to select a online poker site.

Players should approach all online poker sites and rooms with a fair amount of skepticism. Now when you feel you have established these measures it is important to find out whether the credit-card information is held on the same or separate secured-server from the game client. Most reputable online poker sites would make mention of their security systems and should have a comprehensive privacy policy to ensure that your information is not sold or used in any other way.

If you are uncertain about this on any particular site use another form of payment other then your Credit Card. I found out that most reputable online poker sites have various other ways to fund your online poker account. So much for the the basic security concerns but when they have been relieved there are a few additional security precautions for online poker players as well. One of the most important one is government regulation. Several sites are regulated by foreign governments such as Kahnawake (a native reservation in Canada), however, to be honest regulation is not entirely required. The most important benefit that regulation may provide is for some peace of mind when playing online poker, therefore remember that other sites without regulation can be equally trustworthy.

Certain jurisdictions that provide regulation offer little more than a professional looking logo in terms of actual security that's why I'm sharing with you that you should not rely solely on some form of government regulation to decide on a site. Another possible online security issue is with dealing the cards (shuffling algorithm) that the online poker sites use to deal the cards. Pretty much all sites can be trusted to have a reputable algorithm so long as they display signs of integrity. Furthermore, I found out the some of the best online poker sites have their algorithm reviewed by 3rd party auditors. Why is done? These sites want to ensures you the player that the shuffling is as fair and random as possible, and therefore, creating the most real-life poker game possible. The best and secure online Poker Sites makes it very well known about their ability to override collusion.

They are very informative also about their ability to keep a backup of all played poker games and each player should be able to review his/her own hands at any time. This ensures that if there is a disagreement over a specific game the administration can review it for errors and make corrections as needed. There is adequate technology available to prevent colluders online so any good secure online poker room should have it in place. Good secure online poker sites provide software with built-in detectors to ensure that players are not winning under questionable circumstances, but there should be a staff member manually checking out player complaints. Also, one should always play at a site that has enough dealers and support staff to ensure that any challenge can be taken care of immediately.

Even a highly reputable site is bound to have challenges and there is nothing worse than having to wait around for managment when you want to get your poker game on. Good secure poker sites provide statistics on everything that happens at an online poker table and the site has the instincts to monitors things that seem out of the ordinary. For example, players that play at the same table all the time or are involved in an unusually high number of the same hands together, will not get away with that for long. The only place where I think collusion could be somewhat of a possibility is in a limit game because you can't distort the odds. But because of suspicions other players have and the ability of the site to look into statistical aberrations it makes it very hard to collude. There are several online poker rooms that have been in business since 2001.

Anyone of these long-standing online poker rooms I believe should be safe, though if you have any doubts of its validity you're probably better off trying another online poker room. There are so many online poker rooms that are reputable and secure that there is no reason to play elsewhere. If you think a bonus or an offer seems too good to be true you should do a search on that site, and furthermore, if there is extreme negative feedback on the site you should avoid it.

Please keep in mind that all sites will have some negative feedback so just make sure all the above mentioned Online Poker Security measures have been met. In conclusion, most sites especially those around since 2001 have advanced encryption algorithms that make it almost impossible to hack. Think about it, do you honestly think the online poker market would be booming like it is if there were on-going security issues?.

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