Rbd From Beginning To Now

In Mexico, television is something very important. It is a vital part of Mexican culture. Soap opera producers will do anything for viewers to get hooked on their programs. A producer of the soap opera Rebelde, a modification of an Argentine soap entitled Rebelde Way, had the idea of creating a musical group to promote the characters and story of the soap opera.

This is how, in the year 2004, RBD was born. The band quickly became much more popular than the soap opera. Soon the television audience was more concerned with hearing the music of RBD than they were with the storylines of the soap opera. As a result, Rebelde had only three seasons: 2004, 2005, and 2006.

Then began a new television series called RBD - La Familia, meaning RBD - The Family, starring the members of the band: Dulce Mara, Anah, Christian Chvez, Maite Perroni, Cristopher Uckermann and Alfonso Herrera. The thirteen chapters that make up the first season document the different aspects of the band's life: the concerts, backstage, recording in the studio, and the personal life of each member. RBD has followers around the world and has recorded albums in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. The band is most successful in Brazil, and almost all of Latin America knows RBD except in Argentina where their albums have not been. Since their creation four years ago, RBD had been nominated for and won an astonishing number of awards. They have been nominated for the "Best Pop Album by a Duo or Group with Vocal" in the Latin Grammy Awards, and "Best Latin Artist on the World" in the World Music Awards.

They have won in seventeen categories out of the twenty-one for which they were nominated in the Premios Juventud (Young People's Awards). In Brazil, they have won the titles "Best Duo or Group" and "Melhor Banda Internacional" (Best International Band). They have been nominated for awards in thirteen different categories in the Billboard Latin Music Awards and have won awards for: "Rebelde" (Rebel) and "Celestial" for Latin Pop Album of the Year 2006 and 2007, "Tour Generacin 2006" for Latin Tour of the Year, and "Solo Qudate en Silencio" (Just Stay in Silence) for Latin Pop Airplay Song of the Year - Duo or Group. The fourth most sold out tour in Mexico was "Tour Generacin RBD" following The Cure, Britney Spears, and The Backstreet Boys. RBD started out as a simple promotion. In little time, they grew and reached an impressive level in the Mexican music industry.

Towards the future, they have great potential to continue growing. I believe they will win many more awards, awards that they truly deserve. It has been a true pleasure for me to write about such a great band.

Author Jason Lancaster is a student of foreign affairs and has a gratis tonos website featuring tonos gratises. You can learn more about Argentina on Wikipedia.

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