One of the More Unusual Baby Shower Themes The Grandma Shower

Baby showers are quite possibly one of the most joyous occasions. After all, a mom-to-be is anticipating the birth of her child - usually the first - and all of her friends are invited to celebrate the imminent arrival of the child. Furthermore, since it is usually the best friend or a close relative who will organize the party, make sure there is food aplenty, and also prepare some party favors and games, the mom-to-be only needs to show up for her baby shower - cleaning, prepping, and cooking is done by others. What a great way to party! This is probably the only time in a mom's life when she gets to have a party without being expected to lift a finger! Of course, the people who are doing the planning will need to come up with some baby shower themes, and giving the many childhood characters that now adorn nurseries, wrapping paper, and anything from diapers to strollers, this is not that hard to do.

Yet gone are the times when all you did was buy a cake and perhaps the child's name inscribed on it, add a few balloons to a room, ask everyone to bring gifts, and then call it a party. You no longer have to reside in a close zip code to the mom-to-be in order to be able to throw her a party. As a matter of fact, one of the most unusual baby shower themes that are growing in favor among families who might be separated by states, and sometimes countries, is the "grandma shower." This unusual but great theme idea is for those who will have a baby shower for a mom-to-be who might live out of state. You may be surprised to hear that this is indeed quite a common practice now that families are living so far apart on different sides of the country - and sometimes even the world.

Generally speaking, usually a close relative, such as the mother's or father's parents, will reside in one state, while the parents-to-be reside in another. By having a baby shower in absentia, all the friends and family member left behind when the couple originally moved will be able to celebrate the occasion! Usually referred to as a "Grandma Shower", this little get together puts grandma in the spotlight and she will receive and open all the presents intended for the mom-to-be. A friend or family member will record the whole party on video tape, and everyone will be able to give a host of well wishes and also some good advice to the absent mom-to-be.

When grandma goes to visit her little grandchild and his or her parents, she will bring gifts aplenty, together with a wonderful keepsake video tape.

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