Do Foreigners Care For The US Economy

I've been working for an engineering firm for over 6 years. The original company has been bought out and is now owned by a foreign firm residing in Germany. I might add, it's owned by the Germans. I came on board right when the whole transaction was taking place - 6 years ago.

Since then, a very noticeable trend has been noticed by the employees hired before the transition - or what was left of them. As the American employees were leaving the company for one reason or another, they were being replaced by German employees. Also, as new positions were opened, most of the positions were filled with; who else but German individuals.

6 years after the buy-out of the American firm, the ratio of the American employees vs. German employees has increased to around 50/50. The total amount of people in the company didn't change much, but the ratio changed drastically.

Back in November of 2001 when the massive layoffs were happening around the country, over 100 people lost their jobs in one day. They were let go. The reason - bad economy. Well, the economy has picked up since then, at least for this company, but the people were never called back. Their positions were filled in with; yes you guessed it right - non American people for the most part.

Toward the end of 2004, a major change occurred in our department. All of the American "chiefs" were replaced by German "chiefs." And then, we had a group meeting where the "biggest German chief" addressed us. At the meeting we were told that, quote: "We have too many American Suppliers." Their goal was to outsource the work to foreign companies for cheaper labor.

That meant getting rid of the "American Suppliers." More American people loosing work and even their jobs. The term "We have too many American Suppliers," was mentioned several times by the biggest German "chief" at that meeting. At the same meeting we were also notified that "they" were going to close an assembly plant providing incomes to several hundred American families.

The work was going to be transferred to Mexico for cheaper labor. Well, the plant in Mexico was already built, and by the end of that year, around 400 people lost their jobs in one day. The company is still experimenting with third world countries for outsourcing even more work. The company's stock has been soaring for the past 6 years.

From what started out as $7 per share, it's now over $100 per share. The company is raking in tremendous profits each year. And where does that money go? Well, the mother company outside the U.

S. is accumulating all that wealth while boosting their economy. And, what about the U.S.

economy? It has become a nationwide trend for foreign companies to come in and buy out American companies. But then, the foreign company has to pay the U.S. workers in U.S.

dollars. That money converted to their native monetary ends up costing them much more than what they would pay their own people in their homeland. Or, the alternative would be to bring in their own people in place of the American workers. And the rest, well, ship the work to third world countries for cheaper labor. The company now ends up generating an enormous profit since the expenses are significantly lower than what they were with the American Owned company.

Low paid foreign employees working on U.S. soil and not paying taxes, supported by cheap labor from the third world countries.

And what happens to the American families caught in the middle of this economic shift? America is known to be providing relief to disaster areas and providing support to countries in trouble. But who is providing relief to the American Families in great need? Who is providing relief to the American families buried in financial debt? Who is providing relief to the American people who have lost their jobs because their work was shipped over to third world countries for cheaper labor? Who is providing relief to the over-exhausted father that I bumped into while doing my grocery shopping? He was so tired he could hardly keep his eyes open. We attend the same church.

I said "Hi" to him as he tried to force a smile onto his face. He could hardly talk. I kept my conversation short.

He was let go from his job several weeks ago. Now he works 14 hours a day at two odd jobs, while trying to bring in the same income that he used to bring to support his wife and two children. Who is going to provide relief to the overworked parents that had to pull their 17 year-old daughter from school? They both worked at the same job and they both lost their jobs after their shift was completely eliminated. The work was transferred to Mexico.

Now they both have to work for a measly $7 an hour while having their 17 year-old daughter watching her 2 younger siblings. The mom asked my sister to help her find a better paying job. Who is going to provide relief to the father who has to work in a different state? He was let go from his job after it was bought out by - gues who - a foreign company. He couldn't find another job for 8 months. His family ran out of money and they came to ask us for some financial help.

He finally did find another job, but in a different state. On Sunday evening, he leaves his wife and two little daughters, and drives away. On Friday, late in the evening, he comes back home to spend only two days of the week with his loved ones. Who is going to provide relief to the cashier at the local food market that couldn't stop begging me to take his resume and pass it around? He lost his job because his position was eliminated and outsourced. Now he works as a cashier while passing his resume to as many customers as he can at the check out. Who is going to provide relief to my friend who lost his job because the company that he worked for was bought out by - a foreign company? The reorganization did not include him as well as many of his coworkers.

He never got his job back so now he has to work for half of what he used to make while trying to provide for his wife, two little girls and his elderly mother. Who is going to provide relief to all the people who lost their jobs because their positions were transferred over to a third world country for cheaper labor? How are they going to feed their families? Can they find other jobs that pay the same money or maybe more? As I drive around town, I continue to see foreign flags popping out in front of many local firms. What's the message? The firms have been bought out by the foreign company that the flag represents. I continue to talk to local people who are telling me the same stories. They're losing their jobs because their positions are either being transferred to a third world country such as Mexico, India and China for cheaper labor, or they're being replaced with foreign workers on a working visa. American people are continuing to lose their jobs or being forced to work for less money while getting deeper and deeper in debt.

The foreign companies are continuing to buy out American companies, while doing anything to increase their profit - even if they have to get rid of the American Employees from what was previously an American Owned company on American soil. The former American companies now owned by foreign companies are continuing to generate enormous profits because of the lower expenses (work force) combined with the profit from their sales. That money is continuing to boost the economy of the country that the mother company is from.

Meantime, the American economy is continuing to ride the roller coaster. The cost of living is rising at a frightening rate, but the American people aren't getting any major adjustments to their salaries. The bankruptcies are at an all time high. The credit card debt is reaching alarming heights.

The foreign flags are continuing to wave proudly next to the American flag; line-in-line; on American soil. But how much do these foreigners really care for the American economy?.

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